Making Spray based ReST API publicly / remotely accessible

Recently I developed a demo Spray based ReST API and ran it on Windows.
While I was able to access it locally using http://localhost:port/service link, but remotely I was not.
I made following two changes to fix the issue:
1. In your application's application.conf file make hostname as
- or localhost is foe listening only on the loopback interface.
- for listening on all available network interfaces. This works in Java 7 and 8 fine. In Java 6, only IPv4 address works.
My application.conf looks like:
akka {
loglevel = DEBUG
event-handlers = ["akka.event.slf4j.Slf4jEventHandler"]

spray.can.server {
request-timeout = 10s

service {
host =
port = 8090

2. Open 8090 (or whatever you want to use) port in Windows Firewall: