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Aggregation based comparison in Watch condition and hard-coded variables

Watch: Compare Vs Script conditionIf you need to do comparisons with aggregation buckets in watchers, then instead of this:
"condition": { "compare": { "ctx.payload.aggregations.agg1.buckets.0.doc_count": { "gte": 5 } } }
please prefer this, as this takes care of "Index out of bound" exceptions:
"condition": { "script": { "source": "return (ctx.payload.aggregations.agg1.buckets.size() > 0 && ctx.payload.aggregations.agg1.buckets.0.doc_count >= params.threshold)", "lang": "painless", "params": { "threshold": 5 } } }
Hard-coded variables in scriptsElasticSearch throws circuit_breaking_exception error when it sees more than 15 new dynamic scripts within a minute.Sometimes this error is also thrown when master goes down abruptly.This is so because, it has to compile every new/unique script it sees and thi…