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Procedure for name and date of birth change (Pune)

For change of name, the form (scribd) is available free of cost at Government Book Depot (Shaskiya Granthagar), which is located near Collector’s office, next to Saint Helena's School. The postal address is:
Government Photozinco Press Premises and Book Depot,
5, Photozinco Press Road, Pune, MH, 411001.
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Charges for name or date of birth change, in the Maharashtra Government Gazette:
INR 120.00 per insertion (for two copies of the Gazette)
For backward class applicants: INR 60.00
Charges for extra copy of the Gazette: INR 15.00 per copy (two copies are enough, so you may not want to pay extra for extra copies).

Backward class applicants are required to submit a xerox of caste certificate of old name as issued by the Collector of the District concerned.

Once the form is duly submitted, it normally takes 10 to 15 days for publication of advertisement in the Maharashtra Government Gazette. The Gazette copy reaches to the address filled in the form within next 7 to 15 days.


mahesh said…
Sunil M Thadani said…
From Sunil M Thadani.
2nd floor, flat no 201,
lotus bldg, flower valley,
Wanowrie, Pune - 411040.
Resi- 020-26850664, 020-26806537.
Mobile- 9422517811.
Date 07th Dec 2011.

The Collector Pune,
Shri.Vikas Deshmukh.
Subject: Change of Birth Date (from 30th July 1960.Required 13th July 1960).
Dear Sir,
I had received the Maharashtra Shasan Rajpatra on 07th Dec 2011 at 7:00pm through my colleague Mrs. Jyoti. Sorry to say there is an error in the spelling of my surname IT IS MENTIONED THADAMI INSTEAD OF THADANI.
Sir please let me know what the procedure is because the error is from not my end, as I had submitted my leaving certificate and passport Xerox copies.
I had submitted my form through my colleague, along with my Xerox copy of my passport and school leaving certificate and I had paid Rs 120/-, Receipt No: 003013 Dated 21/10/2011. Sorry to say I had requested my colleague to give me all the Xerox copy of the forms which she has submitted to you but accidently she forgot to take the Xerox copies.
Sir my request to you is that is it possible to give me all the Xerox copies of the forms and details which she has submitted to you, I’m ready to pay all the necessity charges as required by you.
I would request you to please do the said needful as earliest as possible.
Thanking you.
Sunil M Thadani.

C.C.To Addl. Collector.
Tele: 020-26124137.
Please Note: I had sent an email on 24/10/11 at 10:32am, till date there is no reply.
nilesh likhar said…
Plz tell me the procedure to change the name by correspondence way, How to get the name change application form and demand draft drawn on which name, plz contact
-Nilesh Likhar
jitu gupta said…
Hi Rahul,

We don't have to do any affidavit for the name change? What documents are required for the same.
Prasnant Barhate said…

My date of birth on birth certificate is wrong. so I want to change date of birth on my birth certificate. Please tell me the procedure for the same.

Prashant Barhate
Mobile : 9922144376, 9422352852
Email :
Bano Bhagwat said…
Hi Rahul,

I need to change MY name on my DAUGHTER'S birth certificate. When she was born I was on bed rest and I had no idea what these people did when they applied for the birth certificate. Anyway the result was that the name printed on her certificate is not my official name. I need to get this changed. The people at the birth certificate office told me to go to some other place but i'm not sure what needs to be done.

Since I did not take my husband's name, it is imperative that my name on her birth certificate be correct as that will be the only proof that I am her mother.

Kindly advise me on how to go about correcting this paper work.

Uphaar Bhagwat
Puja Patil said…

My date of birth on birth certificate is wrong. so I want to change date of birth on my birth certificate. Please tell me the procedure for the same.

I need to correct spelling of my daughter name. Please send me letter format and detail at thanks
Pramod Sawasher said…
I need to correct spelling of my daughter name. Please send me letter format and detail at thanks

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