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MongoDBA cross-platform open-source document-oriented NoSQL database with an Enterprise level distribution that includes additional security and management features. MongoDB is supported and steered by the company MongoDB.

What do we mean by NoSQL?The NoSQL database category loosely incorporates all databases which do not have a rigid schema and are not queryable via a structured query language. They are normally designed specifically to scale easily to support very large datasets.

What is a document based database?Instead of storing information as a table with a series of records or rows, MongoDB stores data as searchable documents. A document is analogous to the object model in object orientated programming languages.

How does MongoDB represent documents?MongoDB uses JSON to represent its documents. JSON is a simple key-value pair textual serialization of an object, for example, a bunch of grapes could be represented as the following JSON string:
{ Name: "Bunch of apples", …