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Kafka MirrorMaker in Kafka

Check MirrorMaker.scala for more details.
Target cluster setupDownload and install Kafka (target cluster). Select appropriate version and download its tgz from Kafka Downloads page.tar -zxf kafka_2.11- cd kafka_2.11- Configure Target Kafka cluster's ZooKeepervim ./config/ # the directory where the snapshot is stored. dataDir=/work/kafka_2.11- # the port at which the clients will connect clientPort=2181 # disable the per-ip limit on thseparatedof connections since this is a non-production config maxClientCnxns=0 Start Target Kafka cluster's ZooKeeper./bin/ config/ Configure Target Kafka cluster's Servervim ./config/ # The id of the broker. This must be set to a unique integer for each broker. # The number of threads handling network requests # The number of threads doing disk I/O # The send buffer (SO_…

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