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Flex ByteArray to Java ByteArray

While trying to import XLS files from Flex front-end, we needed to pass the file contents to Java middle tier, where Apache POI library was used to parse the contents.
The Java method expects a Java ByteArray containing the file contents, but when we pass a Flex ByteArray to it, it throws error.
To overcome this instead of passing Flex ByteArray, we should pass an Array of bytes, as depicted in following code snippet:
public static function byteArrayToArrayOfBytes(ba:ByteArray):Array {     var arrayOfBytes:Array = [];     ba.position = 0;     while(ba.bytesAvailable > 0)         arrayOfBytes.push(ba.readByte());     ba.position = 0;     return arrayOfBytes; } public function onFileSelectionComplete(fileReference:FileReference) {     var payload:Object = new Object();     payload.byteArray = byteArrayToArrayOfBytes(;"parseXLS", payload); }