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Mounting FAT32 in Linux

A FAT32 partition can be mounted in Linux using any of the following methods:
Method 1 (across multiple logins)
$id #Find out your user id using $vi /etc/fstab #Make entries for all of your partitions that you want to share: /dev/sda1 /mnt/c vfat auto, uid=1234, gid=1234, umask=0027,exec 0 0 $mount -aMethod 2 (for current login only)
$mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/c chown /mnt/c

Run Unit tests using DBTest library

Sybase IQ columnar analytics database uses DBTest as Unit test library.
Following are the steps to use it:
$ cds $ cd testlib $ vi xyz.tst #Write the dbtest. $ dbtest -y xyz.tst #Checks for syntax errors in the tst file. $ vi my.bch #Enter in the first line "xyz.tst" $ vi xyz.op #This is the output file whose contents are compared with the actual run-time output of the test. $ cd .. $ cmake debug64 $ cdp (test directory) $ setup current debug64 $ -port xxxx -newdbonerror my.bch #This run the tests
If test fails then
$ vi xyz.ot #Check out the errors. $ vi xyz.tst #Correct the errors and rerun the test.
Use dbtest command to run your tests:
On terminal 1, run commands:
$ setenv IQTMP `pwd` $ setenv IQTMP15 `pwd` $ setenv ASTMP `pwd` $ runsrv abc abcd.db, OR $iqsrv15 -n abc abcd.db -zr all -gd all -gl all -c 32m -ch 200m -x "tcpip(port=xxxx)"On terminal 2, run commands:
$ setenv IQTMP `pwd` $ setenv IQTMP15 `pwd` $ setenv ASTMP `pwd` dbtest -ds -m1 …