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Spark TextInput for Currency values

In my project, I wanted to have an spark TextInput to show currency values.
While formatting it should show unformatted number.
The way I did it is by creating a new CurrencyTextInput class extending spark TextInput.
Code for the component is (

package com.abcd.component

    import spark.components.TextInput;
    import spark.formatters.CurrencyFormatter;

    public class CurrencyTextInput extends TextInput
        public function CurrencyTextInput()
            formatter = new CurrencyFormatter();
            formatter.currencySymbol = "£";
            formatter.fractionalDigits = 2;
            formatter.useGrouping = true;
            formatter.useCurrencySymbol = true;
            formatter.negativeCurrencyFormat = 1;
            formatter.trailingZeros = true;

        public var formatter:CurrencyFormatter = null;

        public var formatterRegExp:RegExp = /[,£ ]/g;

        [Inspectable(category = "General", defaultValue = "")]
        override public function get text():String
            return super.text.replace(formatterRegExp, "");

        [CollapseWhiteSpace] // Compiler will strip leading and trailing whitespace from text string.
        override public function set text(value:String):void
            super.text = formatter.format(value);

            // Trigger bindings to textChanged.
            dispatchEvent(new Event("textChanged"));

         * Flush out [,] and currency symbol characters before getting focus
         * @param    event
        override protected function focusInHandler(event:FocusEvent):void
            if (this.focusEnabled)
                super.text = text.replace(formatterRegExp, "");

         * Format data before lost focus event happen
         * @param    event
        override protected function focusOutHandler(event:FocusEvent):void
            super.text = formatter.format(text);

The way to use this component is:

        currencysymbol="{resourceManager.getString(ApplicationConstants.RESOURCE_BUNDLE_NAME, 'currency.symbol')}"
       public var currencyFormatterRegExp:RegExp = new RegExp('[,' + resourceManager.getString(ApplicationConstants.RESOURCE_BUNDLE_NAME, 'currency.symbol') + ' ]', 'g');
    formatter="{currencyFormatter}" restrict="0-9"/>


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